But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Ex-Cockenzie Power Station.

I must be getting fitter, I managed to be at the start of today’s cycle run punctually; however, while not going very far with the club, I did manage forty miles (after I’d been around the block to add a quarter of a mile to the day’s total). I'm now feeling a little sore.
I stopped at what used to be a favourite coffee shop in Tranent. It used to be a Co-op, then it closed for several months before re-emerging as an ASDA. It was strange, the staff were much the same people, and the variety of cakes was much the same, however, (there always seems to be a “however”) the cheese scone had been in a microwave and had transmogrified from something that was probably quite edible into a soggy mess. I do hate it when they do that.
Having blipped the “Cockenzie kiss” last September when they demolished the twin chimneys, I popped down to see what is happening there now. Nothing of the original buildings remains other than a pile of rubble and scrap metal but, at the far end, you can see that buildings are being erected at an alarming rate – and I have absolutely no idea what function they are going to serve. It’s all slightly reminiscent of a phoenix.
This week’s DerelictSunday is hosted by TMLHereAndThere and this is my contribution.
I’ve just posted yesterday’s crocuses, and finally
I’ll be on holiday on the Moray coast in a month’s time and, since there are a few blippers there. I’m canvasing for a Blipmeet.

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