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By walkingMarj

Restored by afternoon tea

The morning was spent at home where I tried to find photos suitable for the new village yearbook. I've written a section on walking in the area for them and the committee seems to like it.

Various phone calls had to be made, a Greek ferry booking made, Mum's dressing changed (the wound is clean but will take time to heal) and so the morning flew by.

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon with "the other" Marjorie. She wanted to hear about Venice and about London. We wondered about the reasons that people wear masks, the real meaning of Shrove Tuesday and the character of remarkable women like Lee Miller and Gertrude Bell.

We had both seen Spotlight, so there was discussion about the Catholic church and the reasons for child abuse in that institution. I'm afraid that I slept through more of the film than I'd care to mention. I was tired after a short night's sleep; I'd walked 9.5 miles; the cinema was warm and the seats comfortable.......  Oh dear! Julie is the one who usually sleeps but she stayed awake throughout (or so she tells me).

Photo club tonight with a fascinating talk by Ann Miles FRPS from Cambridge. I was very interested in the way she uses blending modes.

Marjorie made meringues for our tea.............they just asked to be blipped (and eaten)!

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