Chippy, chipmunk .....

This morning I had a follow up appointment with the Orthopedists that I am seeing for my back.  It still pains me even after PT so he has suggested that I get a more advanced cortisone shot.  It is known as a "Lumbar Epidural Injection" and is done with a local anesthetic and uses x-rays to guide the needle to the right spot.  To say I am nervous about the procedure is an understatement!  It is scheduled for next Tuesday.

On the up side today .... when I went out the front door this afternoon to put out some peanuts I saw this little one running in front of me.  I then sat inside the front door and waited for him to come for the peanuts.  I didn't have long to wait.  Sorry for the distracting stuff on the side of the picture but I liked the way he was peering around the hay bale watching me intently! 


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