This is my contribution for the Tiny Tuesday Challenge, hosted by lizellen.
The day started rather miserable, weatherwise that is. Cold and now and then rain.
In the afternoon we drove to Herstellen, parked the car near the very old lime tree and started our walk from there.
We followed at first the Fulda-Diemel path, a long- distance path  and a very old one. On a poster alongside we could read of the existence of hollow roads, and beside our path we could see one.
We had climbed the Roterberg, so called because of the red earth.
The weather improved and we walked through a forest. At some point we sat on a bench with astonishingly far views (I show one in my extra)
as far as Höxter and Fürstenberg.
We left the Fulda path, for our turn around, and from that point we had to
guess where we exactly were and which path we were following.
I saw two deer and Piet Hein a big wild boar.
Then we landed on the familiar path of the Hasselgrund and from there we descended till we reached our starting point again.
After buying some items, we came home, tired, and at an advanced hour.
Writing this, I feel the tiredness and it costs more effort than normally to write. So after finishing this, I will rest and catch up tomorrow.
The scilla flowers grew in a garden where we had parked.

My haiku:

Blue scillas growing
Tightly together holding
Each other on end

And the proverb:

There is an end of an old song.

1721  Kelly,  331. That is, you have all that I can tell you of it.

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