It's our fourth wedding anniversary today. The time has flown!!
I've just read back through all the blips leading up to the big day. So many fabulous memories! 
The chicken pox and rain afterwards was less fabulous!!
It took me three years to get the photos from the photographer and another year to sort them out into an album but finally this morning I put them online. It has been fantastic seeing them all again and remembering the day.
I'm so struck by how happy everyone looks in the pictures. Mr K and I, and all our lovely friends and family had such a wonderful day.
And the Little Misses look so young!!! See some cheaty extras!

Miss E and I had a quieter day today. I spent the morning doing my ridiculously difficult French homework while Miss E watched yet more Mako Mermaids. 
Then it was off to French with us. Miss E had her iPad and headphones and watched more Netflix. 
Annoyingly I couldn't connect her to the library's wi-fi so I connected her to my phone.
Even more annoyingly I got an email towards the end of the lesson saying that I'd used 80% of my data. Followed shortly thereafter by another email saying I'd used all my data. Arse!!!
Mr K gets unlimited data so I forgot that that I didn't!!
After my lesson we dashed to school, picked up Miss L and headed to the cinema in Milton Keynes to watch Zootropolis. It was ace!!
The Little Misses were giddy with their popcorn/sweet combo and, despite a few terror-stricken pleas to leave at several points, managed to get through the whole thing and enjoyed it. 
It was funny to come out into bright sunshine. Not even 6pm. Why don't we go to the cinema after school more?!
Mr K's just got in - at 9pm! We're about to tuck into some Anniversary digestive biscuits and hot chocolate. We know how to live!!

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