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By walkingMarj

Searching for the sharp image

Yesterday I mentioned that I was having problems focussing with my new camera. I'd even consulted Sony about it when I was at the Photography Show.

Viewpoint made an excellent suggestion, which was to check the dioptre adjustment. I think she may have cracked the problem. Many thanks. Today's image is a hellebore from Margret's garden where this variety grows in profusion. I used the 50mm lens on the shallowest depth of field. The image had to be heavily cropped in but the in focus area looks sharp to me. (How did I not think of that?!)

I did not walk today but caught up with jobs at home. It sounds as though the people on the Photography Walk had a brilliant time, thanks to Geoff and the other photographers who were there to help. One person did fall in a stream and Geoff trod on Maureen's specs and broke an arm. Otherwise, it sounds as though it was trouble free!!

I need to be ready for a tough walk tomorrow so extra layers and extra food will be required. I hope the sleet and rain stay away.

Mum now has a date for her next hand operation. She has to wait until June but it fits in with when I'm at home which is good news.

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