Jenners Caryatids

Thursday already.  It was dull this morning so for the first time this week I wore my coat.  However it brightened up during the day, so I didn’t really need it.  I spent the day catching up with a few things, with more chat and preparations for our forthcoming move, and preparing for a new member of staff who joins us on Monday.

I managed to get out for a half hour wander at lunchtime, to get some fresh air and sunshine.  I was rather jealous of the people sitting in Princes Street gardens.

Just as I was getting ready to leave tonight a few e-mails came in that I had been waiting on all day.  I had no time to deal with them, but had to acknowledge them and send them on to others to look at before Monday.  I then had to run all the way to the station, which is easier said than done when the streets are full of tourists.  Thankfully I made it.

We had the usual quick turnaround to get BB back out to cubs, then I had a few shopping chores to do.  I ended up in M&S and got three bunches of flowers for £1.05 – a bargain (if they last!).

BB came home with a form for yet another camp – he wants to go!!

Here are some ladies who adorn the Jenners building.  I believe they are called caryatids - columns in the sculpted female form. They represent Ireland and France. The coat of arms under the windows is of the City of Edinburgh.


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