An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Faffed with Face...

So much to do, so little time!  

And when time is short, there's nothing else for it but a quick iPhone selfie faffed about with in Snapseed to try and make it more interesting.

Got Rosie (the lovely woman who line manages Alan's support team on our behalf.  If they were relying on me to put their wages in the bank at the end of each month they would be eating sawdust for dinner :-) coming for a catch up meeting at 3pm, then the lady who manages the two agency workers we're also using at the moment is coming at 3pm to join on the catch up, then when she leaves (hopefully she won't be here longer than half an hour) Rosie, David and I will continue with our catch up.

Seems there's a lot of catching up to do today!  

After that I need to get myself organised for my weekend away with the girls.  (We've booked a cottage for the weekend near our friend J who's husband passed away recently and we're hoping she will join us for some of the time).   

I am determined to travel light as I will be relying on the girls to carry my stuff so don't want to give them hernia's as they lift my half ton bag that's full of "essentials".  

And I must remember my contribution to the food is breakfast so need to get a Tesco delivery booked for Friday.  Don't fancy getting up on Saturday morning to 5 expectant faces craving bacon and egg and not have any!

Back later for a catch up.

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