I am backblipping from Friday 20th as I had no chance to blip while I was away. No chance to make comments either.

First of all Ali the cat sitter phoned late on Thursday to say she was back in hospital so couldn't come and pop in on Tino and Lily while I was away.  She had asked one of her employees to come instead.  So Ali's brother came to collect a door key to give to the lady who would be coming.  So I never got to meet this lady - and the cats didn't either.  Couldn't be helped of course and at least I knew that someone would be calling in. Neil was going to be here some of the time but he was working long shifts and I needed " back up ".

Got the bus to Newcastle on Friday morning and then caught the 10.30am train to London which arrived at Kings Cross at 1.40pm.  Then I got the tube to Hounslow - it takes around 50 mins to get there.  I texted the Airbnb family and P - the man of the house -  came to pick me up from Hounslow tube station.  I was prepared to walk but they had offered to pick me up. He arrived in a massive VW " bus " type vehicle - left hand drive.  Very quirky.

Arrived at the Airbnb accommodation in Isleworth and met L the lady of the house. A lovely friendly lady who was VERY chatty.  We had a cup of tea and talked for a while. I had to meet my daughter Becky at her work at 5pm so I didn't have time to unpack before I was off out to catch two buses which got me to Twickenham.  Then it was a long-ish walk to where Becky works.  I thought I was running late but just as I walked through the door I saw Becky walking toward me.  So I had timed it perfectly.

Then we both walked back to Isleworth via Twickenham Stadium. I managed to get a quick blip shot as I went by.  Went to Becky's flat and waited for he husband Mike to get home from work.  Then we walked to Wetherspoons to have a meal.  The place was packed - no free tables.  So we stood and had a drink and kept checking for a free table.  We got one in the end.  I had a lovely salmon pasta dish.  Afterwards we walked back to Becky and Mikes and just chilled out for a bit.  Around 11pm they walked with me back to my Airbnb house. L and P were still up and they asked me what I had been up to.  I soon learned the L loves to chat - and chat -  so it was quite a bit later when I made my way upstairs to my room and finally unpacked.  There are 4 cats in the house and I found one of them asleep on the sofa in my room.  I didn't mind but L came up and " turfed "  him out.  You can see him HERE after he had woken up - his name is Zeppo.

Steps today - 25,070

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