Had a lazy morning.  It was raining heavily and the damp weather is affecting my joints.  My knees, fingers and back have all been painful today. So I chilled out on the sofa catching up with the last two episodes of " Peter Kay's Car Share".  What a tonic.  I was crying tears of laughter.  Such a shame its ended.

I decided I needed a walk so took myself off to the village - Tesco as usual for fruit and minced beef.

When I got back home I had another foray into Neil's old bedroom to sort through his stuff.  Looking through the items in there is like a journey through Neil's life,  There are things from his childhood, school days, university years, from when he was travelling in Thailand, Australia and New Zealand and the years since then. He has left home and moved back many times and every time he left home he only took a few things with him and brought back loads more.  So there is an accumulation of things from over the years. ( there are so many pairs of jeans I lost count ) Today I came across stuff from his student days.  Lots of fancy dress items - including hula skirts, onesies,various hats, a bikini, mini skirts, cat ears and a cat tail.  I also found the other holdall containing Ben's things.  It was packed with clothes which I will wash and put in a charity bag.  So I'm making progress.

For " Silly Saturday"  hosted by admirer  I decided to blip this poster which is on the notice board at the local cricket club.  They put a new poster up every week and this is the 4th one which has appeared since the season started.  And all of them have shown the date as 2016.  And every time I pass by it irritates me.  And then today " Razor "  (all members of the cricket club seem to get a nickname ) put the poster on the village residents Facebook page to encourage locals to go and watch the match. So I commented that the date was wrong.  There was a one word reply from " Razor " ........................... " Oops!

Steps today - 9,165

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