Went to bed at " stupid o' clock " ( it was actually light when I wandered upstairs ).  So I slept late today.  This afternoon I did a load of washing and hung it out.  Then I did some gardening.  The weather has been lovely again.

Then I made a couple of dishes to take to my Slimming Group Taster Night tomorrow.  I made cheesy lentil muffins and ( my usual ) coconut meringues.  I always get so stressed making things for Taster Night.  I'm used to only cooking for myself - and occasionally family members - so when its for Taster Night I feel under pressure. I had piped all the meringues on to the baking tray when I realised I had forgotten to put the coconut in - so I had to scrape it all back into the bowl and add the coconut.  I'm actually not too happy with the meringues as they are too crispy but they will have to do.

I happened to glance out of the window this afternoon and saw Tino and Lily both looking up at something so I went to take a look.  Its usually a big fat pigeon which has caught their eye but this time it was a bee. 

Becky was supposed to take part in a running event today but she is injured so had to give up her place.  She has seen a physio who has diagnosed bursitis in her knees. So NO EXERCISE for 3 months.  This is going to drive her crazy. She is due to take part in lots of runs over the next 3 months so she is very disappointed about being injured. Hopefully she will be fine for the Great North Run in September - but of course she will be missing a lot of training.  

Steps today - 5,975

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