In the end I went to bed rather late last night ( this morning ).  I have a feeling some of you were up before I " hit the hay ". Had plenty of sleep though as I didn't get up until late.

Did a few household tasks and then went down to the village.  Posted a little parcel of goodies for Becky.  She had asked me to buy some sweeties and send them to her.  The sweets are called " Beer Bottles" - gummy sweets which taste like beer ( apparently ).  She remembers them from her childhood and I always get her some for Christmas as they only seem to sell them in the Grainger Market in Newcastle.  So I bought some yesterday and sent them off today.  ( The postage was actually more than the sweets cost. )

It rained heavily this morning but the rest of the day was dry. And cold. I popped into the back garden to get my Flower Friday blip.  Took a few photos of some of the Welsh Poppies which have sprung up all over the place.  The petals were closed as there was no sunshine. They looked very fresh after the rain. Thanks BikerBear to for hosting the challenge. 

Steps today - 6,544

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