Smaller than they look

Had a day at home today.  Caught up on some TV viewing.  Did some washing.

Becky phoned at lunchtime and we had a nice chat.  I was on  speakerphone  so it was a 3 way conversation with Mike too. They had just got back from a short trip to Eastbourne.  They ran up to Beachy Head yesterday.  Always running those two.

Later on I  made a couple of things to take to " Taster Night " at slimming group tomorrow.  My blip shot shows fake Ferrero Rocher  - made with Ryvita ( blended into a powder) mixed with Nutella.  Not really like the real thing but tasty - and only 1 syn each.  I shaped them using a melon baller so they aren't as big as they seem.  I also made Coconut Meringues ( see extra) - this is what I usually make for taster nights.  If ever I don' t make them everyone seems disappointed so I thought I had better make the effort.  They are 2 syns each.

The weather has been OK today. We even had a bit of sunshine this afternoon.

Steps today - 4,927

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