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At Last! (Again)

It may not look much, but this picture of a trailer wheel tyre marks the jubilant end of a two month delay in getting a load of green waste to the local recycling centre.

It began on May 21st when I was about to attach the fully-loaded trailer to the car when I discovered one tyre was completely flat. This wasn't that surprising as it was the first time this year I had had occasion to use the trailer. Unfortunately, I didn't have the requisite wrench to remove the wheel and an adjustable spanner proved not to be up the job. There is nowhere within walking distance to buy a wrench from and it wasn't until June 29th that I managed to buy one.

The garage warned me that a new tyre might cost well over £50, which gave pause for thought as the whole trailer hadn't cost a lot more than £100, but upon enquiring they found it would only be £15. Unfortunately, when it turned up from the suppliers it turned out to be of a type only suitable for wheelbarrows. The rather more expensive replacement took a long time to arrive and I was getting to know the garage staff rather well after several visits chasing it up. It finally transpired that this time the suppliers had sent it by courier to Cornwall, and it took a further week before it finally turned up in the right place.

I picked it up from the garage on 17th July and fitted it to the trailer just in time to get to Honeyball recycling centre before they closed, only to find instead that the tyre on the other wheel had now gone totally flat.

Keith at the garage looked quite despairing as I walked up carrying a wheel with a flat tyre only minutes after leaving with the new one, but luckily after pumping it up and testing it for punctures it was declared fit. By then it was too late to get to the centre that day, but this picture was taken in the evening after the wheel was back on to commemorate the event, and the trailer made it to the centre and back the next day.


Edit: The "other" tyre is flat again. L. 27.7.2012

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