A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

And now there are two!

A misly but warm morning for our early walk.

I didn't get the camera out until we reached Coppice Pond where the fishermen were out and apart from that the first noticeable thing was the presence of TWO swans.

We had a young swan arrive on the pond a year last November and he has got bigger and stronger, gradually losing his brown feathers and shyness and becoming quite a presence amongst the other water fowl - bullying the Canada Geese in particular. Now he seems to have got a companion.
He was spotted yesterday by Wilsden Walker but we don't yet know if it is a male or female. It seems to be fully grown (no brown feathers) and a little smaller than our swan.

We will await developments.
They are here swimming near the island, we didn't stop at the feeding station today so they didn't come any nearer to us. Hopefully I will get the chance of a close up at some future date.

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