Douglas Squirrel

I love these little local squirrels. They are smaller than the Eastern Grays who have pretty much taken over the territory. And they are shyer though this one came back down the tree to look me over as I stood there taking her picture. Later she was on a stump with the sun behind her and I noticed that her tail is quite a bit broader than the gray squirrels' tails. More tail and less fluff. I never knew that before.

I had a day to myself today and I really enjoyed it. I went through my photos and found several that would go well in mono to use for one of the calendars I'll be giving to my friends and family at Christmas. I have now submitted the last print job for the photos to go in the calendars. This year they will mostly be natural scenes and creatures. I make 100 calendars, ten of each collection of 13 photos. I buy the calendar blanks from Photographers' Edge. They have double stick tape for 4X6 inch photos on the cover and for each month. The whole calendar is 5X7 and makes a good small calendar to carry or have at your desk. I enjoy having this way to share my photos and to use the best of my year's work. People seem to like them too. :)

Then I took a short walk in Big Rock Park which is where I saw this little gal. I wasn't expecting much and was delighted when she showed up. She ran up and down a tall tree and I thought I'd missed her when she popped her head around the tree to check me out. So cute!

I am still enjoying your comments on my 3000th blip. Where did all that time go? Life seems to be speeding up the older I get. Thanks again for visiting.

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