Bonnie Flowers

Those of you reading my blips will have by now decided that in general I am a miserable penny pinching Scot, willing do anything for a freebie and a reluctant payer of exorbitant entrance fees to exhibitions which would almost certainly broaden my mind.
What you might not appreciate is that for my children, I will sell my soul and the family silver.

It certainly felt like that as HisLordship drove me down to Stobo Castle so that I could pay for the now annual gathering in October of the six members of the distaff side of the family at the health club there. My eyes watered as I handed over my credit card, but there it is, all booked and paid for, and I am smiling now.

Having temporarily run out of 50 year old birthdays to celebrate, this year it is a celebration of the 30th wedding anniversary of daughter #2 who against all odds of marrying two years into a medical degree to a teenage architectural student, has stayed the course and has a successful career as well as four children.
That's a lot to celebrate and celebrate we will, wearing these unflattering white towelling robes and holding glasses of champagne. Bring it on!

These flowers in a hanging basket at the entrance to the castle were a bright spot against the grey stone of the building, and rain bearing clouds gathering overhead.
My extra image is the scone to beat all scones -cranberry and walnut at Coltman's in Peebles 10/10

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