Giraffe & Mollie say 'cheese'

Today we drove to Saumur. But after a short walk about, we noticed the shops don't seem to open until 14h on a Monday! Typical. So we had a nice morning coffee and crepes in the sun and talked about what to do. 3 hours was too long to wander about so we went to a zoo called Bioparc nearby. It was on our list of possibles, and had been recommended.

We had a fabulous day! It was a thoroughly good zoo. We all took loads of photos and didn't leave until nearly 6.

On the way home we stopped at a big supermarket at Thouars and did shopping for the rest of the week.

Its a bit cooler and I have a very bad head, so this is brief. Mollie has always loved giraffe so I made this photo the blip!

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