The Last Day - Home At Last!

Hello Blipfriends!
Dolly reporting again today!

Last night we ended up in Calais. There sure were a lot of police around our hotel!  Mum said she was glad as there was some not very nice things happening around there in recent days.

Anyway, we were tired and we slept well. After breakfast we were on our way again!  "Mum!  Are we there yet?  This holiday has been great, but I'm tired of all this hot travelling!  How long til we get home?"

Once again, I had to go to the pet reception area so they could scrutinise my passport, while mum's was only glanced at at the border control for humans. Everything was busier than when we did this last time in May. There was extra security. But it delayed us only a little.

I snoozed all the way through the tunnel. Before I knew it we were on UK soil again. "Mum!  Don't forget - you can drive on the left again!"  

Guess what?  Mum forgot when she booked the Eurotunnel that it was a Bank Holiday this weekend!  So even though we got to Folkestone at about 10am it took us AGES to get home. A hot Friday Bank Holiday afternoon on the M25. Slow going - a bit like the last 2 days!!  But this was known territory and it just didn't seem as bad somehow.

Pretty soon we were home!!  2575 miles!  Wow!  We did it!  We survived!  And we had the bestest holiday EVER!  Thank you, Elisabet and Alice, for a wonderful Swedish Adventure. We miss you!

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It's the BEST!

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