Edinburgh festivals 2016 put to bed

Here are all my tickets from the summer festivals. I see that I went to 17 events this year. This is close to the figure for last year (18 in 2015), but quite a dip from 2014 (21 in 2014).

I've worked at home today. Although I've packed a lot in, I'm disappointed that I didn't manage to get further down my 'to do' list.

This is my third day of switching muesli for porridge for breakfast. After years of trying and failing to like the sticky grey goo I have been experimenting with the addition of fruit, both fresh (banana, raspberries) and dry (sultanas). It's OK with sultanas so this will be my new regime. [Extra detail added following comments - I'm trying to eat something healthy that will keep me going until lunchtime. Often I have eaten my sandwiches at work by 11:00am!]

Exercise today: sit-ups, weights, and stretches.

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