Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Seeing spots...

I can never pass up photographing these little beetles, especially since I usually find them posing on flowers.  I actually saw several today, including one on some pink phlox that flew off before I could get a shot.  This one, on the montauk daisies, was very cooperative in posing for me.  Common name is Spotted Cucumber Beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata is it's fancy Latin name)

Hubs and I finished spreading all the soil yesterday and today I started laying in some seeds.  Amazingly, neither of us were horribly sore today.  However, the project is now on hold until Hubs can figure out how to remove a very large dead limb on a hickory tree next to the garden - if the limb falls, it will go directly into the garden and we estimate that it probably weights at least 300-500 pounds.  We did managed to get part of it down, but the largest and heaviest part is still dangling up there.  So, tomorrow we'll borrow the racing team truck and try to use it to "tow" the limb off.  I'll put a photo in Extra of our attempts to "tow" it with my little CR-V.  

We're heading across the Lane for dinner with our neighbors tonight - many laughs ahead, no doubt.  

Thank you for all the love on my fluffy little Tufted Titmouse yesterday - you send the little dude right to the Popular Page!  He and the entire Titmouse band have been at the feeders all day - like most members of the tit family, they store seeds for winter, so they zip in, grab a seed, and zip off to stash it in some tree bark somewhere.  About a half dozen purple finches are also hanging around - such pretty birds and I must be sure to get some photos soon in case they move on.  They tend to be nomadic, and aren't always around our area.


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