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By walkingMarj

Puppy sitting/puppy exercising

I'm feeling a bit better today - still exhausted by a short walk to the shop and back - but on the mend. Mum, conversely, sounds as though I have passed on the bug generously to her. (We tried hard to avoid this.)

I cancelled my commitments for today. I must be feeling bad not to go to the wash up meeting for the Festival!

This afternoon I had enforced rest while I puppy sat for Annette's 9 week old cocker spaniel, Zoe. She is adorable as you see. By taking her into the garden every hour, I'm glad to say that we had no accidents in the house. We kept her in the conservatory and Bowlby was none the wiser.

Apart from 3 short sessions of active play, Zoe slept soundly. This was her first day trying a tiny halter and lead. She's not keen but tolerated it.

She returns tomorrow afternoon. I've told Annette that an all black dog created technical difficulties for the photographer!

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