Had a good nights sleep and have felt a bit better today. Usual trip to Morrisons this morning.  When I got back home Neil was here.  He is on holiday this week.  He has stayed all day and I cooked us a lovely chicken dinner for tea.

I have a leaky radiator in my bedroom. I think it might be the valve that's the problem. So I have a wet patch on the living room ceiling. I contacted a plumber but he can't come till Friday afternoon.  However I won't be at home on Friday afternoon so I hope he can give me an alternative time.

Becky phoned this evening.  Its her birthday today.  She had the day off and she and Mike spent the day in Brighton.

Just watched Bake Off.  Good episode.  ( no spoilers ) Looking forward to the final next week.

I nipped out into the back lane through the allotments to get my blip shot.  Its my entry for Wild Wednesday as it looks a bit wild and overgrown.  Thanks to Cailleach for hosting this challenge.

Steps today - 7,688

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