Had a really bad nights sleep - just couldn't get comfortable due to various aches and pains.  No chance of a lie in as I had to go to Morrisons with my friend Jan.  However I did go back to bed this afternoon and had a lovely nap which seems to have sorted me out and I feel much better this evening.

Becky phoned on her way home from work and we had a nice long chat.  She is looking forward to going house hunting in Sussex at the weekend. 

Just watched the Bake Off final.  Three excellent bakers and a worthy winner. 

So what to blip for Wild Wednesday.  Wonder if you can guess what I took photos of.  Its the toilet in my bathroom.  I recently bought a  Light Auto-sensing Motion Activated Night Lamp  for the toilet seat. It lights up when you approach and changes colour randomly.  Wild eh!.

Steps today - 4,728

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