A meh day, to be honest. Dreary grey day trip day. 

Not being quite sure what to do we set out to walk in the woods, on the commons, but unaccountably ended up in Stroud. Stroud is a lovely place in parts, as evidenced by the photo above in Stratford Park, but is becoming as congested with traffic as Bristol, and walking in fume filled streets failed to inspire. Trouble is, with a proposed doubling in size of our village by the powers that seem to be, we'll probably be in the same position here soon.

I guess, too, that the day was tinged with anger. I came across a CD of a videotape of Janet and my wedding twenty five years ago, and having not really paid it any heed before fast forwarded through. I caught an astonishing snubbing of my brother by our unlamented step-father, as he arrived at the reception (being far too [replace with religious] to have attended the Catholic wedding itself). I don't think I've ever noticed it before.

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