Welcome to Edinburgh

A foggy and frosty morning, and we got caught in heavy traffic on our way to the station this morning.  This wasn’t helped by everyone slowing down for non-existent roadworks – the signs from the weekend had not been taken down! We got to the carpark with a minute to spare.  I had no hope of making the train, but amazingly I made but alas TT did not.  I thought the man running behind me was TT, but when I got on the train it turned out to be someone else!  Poor TT didn’t get on as the doors had closed, and he had to wait on the next train – which was running late.  Not a good start to his week.

The office was freezing today as the heating had not come on over the weekend.  Work was a day of catching up with e-mails, a couple of meetings, my mid-year review, and a wee party to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials of a colleague as it was his last day in the office before his big day.

BB has been a busy lad tonight having made a good start to his homework.  I spent ages on the phone to the bank reporting some dodgy transactions on my account which I know nothing about.  They assure me they will be dealt with.  I want to go back to the days of bank books and cheque books.

At lunchtime I went for a wander in the gloom but made the mistake of heading along Princes Street way.  I can’t bring myself to say the “C-word” yet (and my blip will hopefully remain a C-free zone until December), but it is in full swing in central Edinburgh, complete with Elvis belting out Blue Christmas.  It was enough to make me run for the hills.  I spotted this signage attached to a lamp post which seems fitting as I deal with some kind of cybercrime!

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