Shop Local

We all seemed to be ready in good time today, though I did hear TT bellowing at BB to get dressed (BB was apparently lying on the floor next to the radiator in the hall, still in his pjs when it was almost time to leave).  Work started busy but seemed to slow down later in the day.  The afternoon was rather odd, as we are desperately waiting on information from colleagues, which is then going to give us a huge amount of work – but it just wasn’t ready this afternoon.  Fingers crossed we will have it tomorrow, as we need to move things forward quickly.  I made myself go out for some fresh air at lunchtime and paid a visit to an interesting shop, where I resisted the temptation to buy a number of lovely things.  I may be tempted back!

There was a wonderful sunset tonight, but it had all but gone by the time I left the office. I picked a sad BB up from badminton.  Unlike last week he hadn’t won all his games, and wasn’t very happy with himself.

This shop seems to deal in an interesting combination of things, ranging from artificial grass to a sunless automated robotic therapist!  Just for the avoidance of doubt, this is not the shop I visited at lunchtime.

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