...that has got to have hurt - the car as well as the occupants probably.

I survived the trip into Leeds - not too crowded, apart from all the eateries! The new John Lewis is okay, but that is it, been there done that. The car park is a tad confusing as the level numbers don't tie up with the store level  numbers - I knew we were on level three in the car park but there isn't an exit from the store at three - exit from store level four brings you out at car park level six (I think). We did find the car eventually.

Started the process of clearing the 'office' so it can become a grandchild friendly bedroom....gonna take a while!

Our for a walk and spotted this damage - someone has really clouted the barrier and flattened the signs, they must have been going at some speed to cause this! Added an extra looking to the left from here, from behind the signs on the right - you can see the approach to the T junction - which they must have missed completely sailed straight across the junction.

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