I slept late but still felt unwell.  Had a message from my daughter that she was going to Skype at 1pm so I set up my webcam and got ready for the call.  We had a lovely chat and she showed me her presents. 

Neil and I decided to have our meal late so this afternoon we settled down to watch TV. We enjoyed Frozen very much.

Around 5pm I started to feel quite ill.  The meal was almost ready and I was doubtful whether I could eat it as I felt sick  with a splitting headache.  Neil suggested I lie down for a bit so I did.  After half an hour I felt a lot better. I managed to enjoy my meal.  I had chicken, pigs in blankets, stuffing, dauphinoise potatoes and carrots. ( I forgot about the sprouts and cranberry sauce ) Neil had beef with the same extras. Chocolate eclairs for pud.  Stuffed.

Then we watched Home Alone.  One of my favourite Christmas films.  Then Maigret.  As you can guess by all the TV programmes we have watched I did manage to set up the new Freeview box correctly.

The phone rang at about 7.30pm.  It was my brother.  He was in a phone box and ringing to tell me his Virgin was " down " - no phone, internet or TV.  He just wanted to let me know!.

So what to blip today.  I chose my Snowman.  He is a pajama case - around 20 inches tall. I was given him for Christmas in 1985 by my husband.

Hope all my blip friends have had an enjoyable Christmas Day.

Steps today - 2,252

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