My family had several options of entertainment for today. We were all invited to a lunchtime drinks party next door, and another later on at a house half a mile further down the river from ours.

Mr hazelh and I, however, enjoyed the best invitation of all: a lovely lunch hosted by walkingMarj with Mummy walkingMarj and three other friends. The food was delicious (especially the salmon main course), the post-prandial games fun (it looks like we have spread Empire a little further), and the company delightful (as blipped by Marj).

We made it back to my parents' house just in time to wave my middle sister, husband, nephew and niece off on their travels again. Mr hazelh snapped this shot of me with my sister just before they all left. We both like this picture because we think we look a lot younger than we really are ;-)

Exercise today? Not a hope!

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