Entwined Already

A week ago I showed you a before and after of the Trellis Project. The Scarlet Runner beans are now happily entwined in the new trellis. That was the point, to get it done before the beans took over.

After yesterday'a heat today has bee dull and cooler. Warm enough inside for shorts and a t-shirt but a lot cooler out. I could have continued with the Fix the Cracks Project outside but opted instead for a day of sorting folders of papers and documents. Yep, about as fun as watching paint dry, though from my recent Paint the Fence Project watching the paint dry was more exciting than today. 

So a dull but good day for hpx. That leaves a bag of cut out and saved recipes to go through and remove from downstairs. Most of my recipes are online or in cookbooks. I'll set myself rules around what stays and goes. I know there are some recipes I've used and like so I'm not about to tip the lot until I've had a sort out.

With one day left before I'm back to work, I might have to toss a coin on the excitement front as I decide whether to sort my paper stuff, or fix cracks ;-)

A couple of days ago I called the SPCA to report a neglected cat from a place near me. He's several months younger than Benedict but skinny and in poor condition. He lacks the pope's energy and doesn't play with him as he used to. He sometimes spends all day on a chair in my back courtyard seemingly not moving to avoid the full-on sun, and staying in the same position for 12 or more hours.

He won't be the worst case they see and I understand given the holiday period he won't be investigated until Wednesday, unless I judge he's deteriorated and needs urgent intervention, and call their emergency number.

Meanwhile Benedict seems happy for his little mate to eat some of his biscuits in his courtyard. He's ravenous and I'm happy to help sustain him until hopefully better times come his way from Wednesday onwards.

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