An Old Favourite....

It was back to the park for today's blip, I've not been there for a couple of weeks at least and although it's not huge as parks go, it never disappoints. The only trouble today was that I got there later than usual and of course that meant less parking places and more people to photo bomb the shot; anyway it didn't work out too badly, I did eventually find somewhere to park and walked in from the opposite end to my usual way in.

After getting home I went to pick up my brother in law who was coming to have lunch with us, and to generally put the world to rights;   I've just got back from dropping him off at home and now I'm looking forward to a quiet evening in.

Thank you for visiting my journal and for the encouraging comments regarding yesterday's shot  -  they're all very much appreciated. :-))

Thank you to Bobsblips for hosting the challenge.

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