Batman and Robin

TT was out early this morning, which left BB and me to find a route to breakfast club, avoiding the multi-way temporary traffic lights.  Once again, because of all the construction going on around here, we are surrounded by temporary lights and closed roads, with a couple of sets of lights occasionally being stuck on red.  Unfortuntely my chosen route was probably no faster, as we were held up by diggers being unloaded from a truck at the new hospital construction site. Once I was at work I had a full on day, which has basically set out my work for next few weeks,  I am definitely going to be busy.  I was delayed in a meeting which meant I was late back to collect BB, which meant no time for a proper tea before cubs.  He was happy with what I quickly cobbled together though, with a promise of something else when he got back.  Having barely drawn breath  I dropped him off and then I went for a short run.

It turns out they were celebrating Chinese New Year at cubs and there was lots to eat – so he didn’t need fed after all!  Once he was in bed I watched some TV and then realised I had no blip.

Here’s Batman and Robin – a late night emergency blip.

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