I’m sure my neighbours wonder about me!  Whoever would keep a vase full of tulips on their windowsill that are well past their prime?  Well of course, most blippers, that’s who!

Mr. HCB empties our small compost bin that is kept in the kitchen into the larger bin in the garden regularly, but I have dared him to move the tulips.  However, now that I have used one of them for the Flower Friday challenge this week, I will give him permission to take this one and the rest of them too.

I had another good night’s sleep and went out ON MY OWN this morning - Mr. HCB dropped me off to meet a friend, Marie, for coffee and whilst in the coffee shop, we met up with Dave, another friend, and when he left, Trevor and Louise came to join us.  What a lovely morning chatting with old friends!  

The real challenge was when I needed to go to the card shop and it was pouring with rain - crutches, wet pavements and uneven paving slabs don’t go together that well, but I managed.  Carrying a large bag of peanuts for our Great Spotted Woodpecker was another challenge, but again, I coped.  It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.  

Mr. HCB kindly came and collected me, as I haven’t driven yet - that’s the next challenge!  He is now pottering in the conservatory, which will be turned into a greenhouse for the next few weeks, planting flower seeds and sorting out what vegetables seeds need to be planted soon.  With various supermarkets limiting their customers to only three iceberg lettuces per visit, we will need his home-grown salad leaves and soon!  However, just as a matter of interest, whoever would be buying THREE iceberg lettuces - one tasteless one would be more than enough for me!

Aging has a wonderful beauty,
     and we should have
          respect for that.”
Eartha Kitt

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