Mono Monday Results ...

Wow! You guys are truly an amazing bunch!  There are obviously a lot of well loved pets in blipdom! I have really enjoyed looking through all the Fabulous MM entries. I was quite surprised by how this topic evoked my own feelings of sadness for all my lost beloved pets ... I had no idea that would happen when I chose this topic. And as I read through your entries I saw that that was the case for many of you. And for that I apologize. 

It was almost impossible to pick Five Favorites and Five honorable mentions .... I wish I could have given out hearts to all of you.

Favorites (in no particular order):
SecondSeason - Posie's smile is infectious!
Xtoffdav - This is a typical "cat" thing and the wording on the box is purrfect!
AngelsShare - I just love horses!
Chrissel - This just tugged at my heartstrings as this is how Zazu was with me. 
FiFife - The look of contentment had me!

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):
Miranda1008 - This may not be her own pet, it is truly loved.
davidd - Those apprehensive eyes say it all.
AnnieAndChris - Leonard is beautiful, but the story is lovelier.  Good luck with your adoption.
rtbutt - Who can resist a cute little puppy!?!
GracieG - Non-traditional, but lovable nonetheless.

And for the most "outside the box" thinking Honorable Mention:
Majoayee  - wonderful interpretation of the theme!

Now on to the Final February Mono Monday theme ...

My picture above is a clue ....

Mono-Monday 162:  The theme For the Final February MM and to Finish off February is:  F is for ....
It's up to you to fill in the blank ... anything that starts with the letter F!  So put your thinking Fedoras (caps) on and get your dictionaries out! And hopefully none will have to blip a Fender bender! Be as creative as you want to be, but please keep it clean! :-)

And as an added (and optional) challenge ... if you want to list Four interesting facts about yourself I think it would be fun for everyone! Note: these facts don't have to start with the letter F .... unless you can!

Please tag your entries MM162.  If you don't tag your entries MM162 it makes it difficult to find everyone! 

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