Arvin at Silverado

What a strange day today. It began with a text from my therapist apologizing for being late for our appointment. The only problem with that was that she texted around 10 and I was sure the appointment was around 11. When I finally reached her we both realized there was a mix-up and we rescheduled for 12. Meanwhile I got a call from Betty and, what do you know?, there was still something we had to fix with the paperwork. I had checked in with the fellow I've been working with and he unearthed the problem. So Betty came over and we just had time to fix the problem before I headed off to my appointment. Meanwhile Ric called and we talked briefly and rescheduled his time to work on my deck until after my new therapist appointment.

Are you following all of this? Well if you are, you have one up on me. But somehow it all managed to work out. 

Then I had a doctor appt at 2:45 and the nurse practitioner who saw me thought an ultrasound would be a good idea and so did I. So I will schedule one. I've been having some abdominal pain and want to catch anything that might be going on fast. 

Then... (I know. I am out of breath just describing my day.) I visited Arvin and stayed for dinner. I took this photo at the dinner table. I hung around for about two hours all together and then headed home. By that time I was really ready to be quiet on my own at home. Phew!

I think maybe, I sure hope so, Betty and I finally got the last little bit of paperwork done. I thought today about something I hadn't remembered. Whenever I go to my lawyer's to sign papers, there are always arrows and yellow highlights to make absolutely clear what and where I should sign. There has been none of that on the paperwork Betty and I have been doing. We've been working in the dark. I think I'll suggest that the company start doing what the professionals do, and mark and annotate the papers so the notary and the customer can actually figure out what they are supposed to do. Good grief! 

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