A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Walking up to church we could hear the frog chorus coming from the pond in airedaleknitter's front garden. She announced they had arrived a little while ago and that she didn't mind people going to look so I headed down with my camera when we returned.

I could have stayed there all day. They disappear when they first hear you but soon pop out again. There is already a mass of frogspawn and a positive boil of frogs.

So hard to chose but I liked this one for three reasons.
You can see his legs through the water;
He/she is looking at me and
his frog eyes and throats are reflected in the water.

The other extra is to fulfill the request of several blippers to see me in my Pixie costume! The picture is on the finale song showing the pixies and fairies singing and dancing on stage with Hansel and Gretal sitting on the steps. I am on the extreme right with my eyes closed! This shows the costume off best. It is not my photo. It was taken by David Brett - photos-dsb.co.uk, who takes them for us every year. I made a donation to download these. (You might spot Yorkshirebred and Wilsden Walker too)

Great shows yesterday followed by a splendid party. Thank you to J for hosting it.

Settling down now to watch the England rugby match if I can keep awake!

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