Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Something of an EB today - not in the sense that I had no time, more that it was yet another rainy day and I didn't feel like doing a shot at home or having another wet walk.  Besides, my umbrella jumped out of the side pocket of my backpack in Brighton at the weekend, so town it was to get a replacement.

The Cathedral therefore seemed a natural choice.

This is Elizabeth of York, wife of Henry VII.  She's in a window in the Lady Chapel, which has been newly refurbed and re-opened after a couple of years.  It looks gorgeous, as does she!  I've put a fuller picture of her in Extras.  She's a bit Pre-Raphaelite round the mouth, isn't she?  However, it was Henry VII who commissioned the window after the birth to their eldest son in Winchester's Deanery.

Okay that's enough from me, now, and I'm sure you don't want a history lesson (especially from me!).  Hope your day's been good.  Enjoy your evening  xx

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