September saturation

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Well it was an overly bright, hot day, no cloud cover, no contrasts, so before I left home I upped the saturation, colour tone, sharpness & contrast on my camera & hey presto, Lundy Island has never looked so blue in all it's life - the white yacht & the small white crests of waves really make this picture more then that perfect ultramarine colour. Anyhow, all camera, no post edit, just a good old fashioned crop!

As for Larry:

Three dot Larry

Amazing day spent on the South West Coastal path down from Morwenstow, it's always been our spiritual home. For anyone who ever makes it this way, it's on the border of Cornwall & Devon, The Bush Inn do the best food & accommodation - I went there for a Birthday dinner a few years back with my mum & dad & had a really wonderful time! So lunch there first today, the walk & then to the Rectory Tearooms for a wonderful slice of chocolate fudge cake... they do the best cream teas too! I felt my mummy walk with me by my shoulder, every time I thought of her, I saw her smiling, happy... I always see that when I remember her. xxx

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