A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Across Low Park.

A lovely morning walk which started with crossing Low Field, seen here, and into the St Ives Estate to climb Blind Lane.

It was glorious but definitely cooler than the weekend. Perfect for walking. There were new bullocks in the field, not all Belties, but they didn't seem to mind us.

We particularly noticed how quickly the trees were greening up. The two here don't seem to be but we saw Horse Chestnuts well into leaf with flower spikes coming on. I also saw my first blue bells just starting to open.

Through the trees here you can see our village and above it (centre) the village of Wilsden with its distinctive Birchlands Hill another place we often walk.

I finished the painting in the back bedroom when I got back (got my son to move the wardrobe and remove some of his things from it yesterday - not all of course), so I'm very happy that it is finished and ready for visitors.
We then had to go to M&S to get Chris some new black trousers which he needs for doing 'Front of House' on Friday evening at the Redgrave Theatre in Bristol, for my daughter's am dram group.

Ready for a chilled evening with a bit of knitting I think and maybe a glass!

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