A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Buds of May (not)

The Clematis Montana at the bottom of the garden is full of buds waiting to burst forth. I thought they would make a blip for tiny Tuesday.

Busy morning. I have made an olive bread loaf to take with us to Bristol. I've also made my sourdough. It's the best dough I have made yet (fourth I think) so I'm hoping it comes out well when I bake it in the morning. It was much easier to work, not as sticky as previous doughs so I'm not so exhausted. I also made mushroom soup for lunch and the freezer.

All the while we had a chap fitting a new door to the dining room. We got all the other downstairs doors done years ago but neglected to do this one so we are getting it done before the decorator comes at the end of the month. He fitted it and has now removed it to give it it's finish. Unfortunately putting the old door back seemed to cause him some problems so we didn't get into Bingley to shop until after 3.00 pm and have just had a belated soup lunch!

Bitter cold wind out there today. There was a bit of sun when I took the macro shot, which wasn't easy as the fronds were blowing about like mad, enough to blow them back to wait till May!

Oops didn't know TT's theme was food!

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