Happiness is...

Today happiness is starting to get stuff in the garage off the floor.

I was blessed with Ray and Barry from the Men's Shed today. Neither would have much change out of 70, they're old school, and they know their stuff.

They spent several hours here and they'll return on Wednesday when I'm at work to continue putting metal tool strips and other fixtures on the walls.

They'll also come back on Saturday morning to put up more shelves in the garage and so a few jobs inside.

When they left I spent a couple more hours working out more configuration of the garage and problem solving the washing machine. I think the latter is ok, it probably got a bit unbalanced during the last load of washing.

That was more frustration and effort than I needed today. All good though, I've been for a run, stretched, and I'm watered and fed.

Ray and Barry checked my work on unsticking a door and my reinstallation of the sliding bin system in a kitchen cupboard. They were impressed.

I'll be careful with my time and energy tomorrow. No doubt I'll be poking my head into the garage to admire the gradual transformation.

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