Kitty Entertainment

I am still figuring out how I want my feeders to be on the deck. My friend Ric suggested I get a kind of feeder that doesn't let squirrels eat and I did. So far the birds don't seem too interested either. So I put back the old feeder, the messy one that squirrels get to easily, not to mention the night raiders, the raccoons. I took down the one you see here because it had turned into an acrobatic squirrel magnet. I thought what the heck? I'll just put it where the squirrels can easily get to it, right by the sliding glass door. The squirrels come right up to it. They seem to know that the cats cannot get to them and so they boldly go where no squirrel has gone before, within inches of two very interested cats. The cats also realize they can't get to the squirrels. But they sure do get excited to see them. Unfortunately the squirrels are making a big mess so I may have to just retire that feeder. But for now both cats and squirrels are seeming to get a kick out of the new plan of feeding.

I went to visit Arvin today with a new borrowed wheelchair in tow. I picked one up at the Lion's Club warehouse. They lend walkers, chairs and other supplies for 90 days. If that isn't long enough you can extend your loan. I got a narrow one, the same size as the one Arvin has been borrowing from his roommate. Arvin liked it and found it comfortable. So did I since I could easily push him in it.

After I saw Arvin I went to the physical therapist for my neck and shoulders. I am making progress. I've been a "good girl" and have done my exercises all week. I can see and feel a difference. 

Steve is coming for dinner and games this evening. I am happy about that too. It was a good day today.

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