A Fabulous Day Out

Mr K booked tea at The Ritz for my birthday present and, after a couple of rearrangements, today was the day.
With the Little Misses safely at school and Archie safely at my mum and dad's we got the train to Marylebone and had the most fabulous day!!
First of all to The Ritz for our 11.30am Afternoon Tea!
Everything about it was amazing! The spectacular Palm Court; the never-ending sandwiches, cakes, pastries and scones with cream and jam; the delicious tea; the silverware and china; the piano; the service....... Just wonderful! 
I did ask Mr K towards the end whether he'd booked us a room as a surprise. Not because I was feeling suddenly amorous but because I needed to lie down before I collapsed into a sugar coma onto the floor!!
But it passed - and I managed to eat another slice of pear and chocolate tart, and drink my second pot of tea (mint this time rather than Ritz English tea!)
Two hours flew by and it was time to be winched from our seats and head out. 
The rest of the day was equally fabulous! 
We had a couple of hours in Fortnum and Mason ogling the food, alcohol, confectionary, tins, homeware, produce, hampers, stationery and the hand cream in the toilets!; 
Then we strolled down to St James's Park where we lay under a tree soaking up the sun and listening to the music from a brassband in Horse Guards Parade. 
And drinking tea because I really can't get enough tea!! 
Then we had a lovely walk round taking in the gorgeousness of the lake, the flowers, the herons, the deckchairs, Duck Island Cottage, the views of the London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.
From there we walked up to Piccadilly Circus and up Regent Street to the Apple Shop. I am a devoted wife!!! I took the opportunity to charge my phone and play some brain training games while Mr K wandered around in seventh heaven!!
Then it was to Liberty's for a wander round before a visit to the fabulous Rosa's Thai Cafe just off Carnaby Street for a probably-not-needed-but-very-tasty dinner of giant crispy prawns, pad thai, chilli beef salad and a couple of Changs. Perfect!!
Before heading back for the train we walked back to Fortnums to pick up a few things we'd eyed up earlier - a tin of lemon and ginger teabags for me, lovely new aftershave for Mr K and a truckle of cheddar cheese for both of us. It was reduced and we do love a bargain!!
Then it was back to Marylebone and home.
What a special day - sunshine, gorgeous London, so much amazing food and a whole day with my lovely husband. Perfect!

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