A flying visit

from Lynn and Maurice, on their way to spend a few days with their friend Brian in North Walsham. We enjoyed a chat and cup of tea in the sun. Lynn is one of my oldest friends...i mean, she isn't old, we have just been friends for a long time. And enjoyed some fun and memorable times camping with 1st Hoddesdon guides, and Borrell Venture scouts. So we always seem to just pick up where we left off, however long it has been. And as she LOVES my blips, I think it only fair I afford her a whole paragraph today!! Maurice and Lynn have been supportive and generous and we love seeing them. So much that we have said if they want to visit us we will gladly put them up....in the caravan!!

This morning, I ironed, and ironed. For over 2 hours. I listened to Radio 4 which began with the terrible news of more terrorist attacks in London. Then The Archers, and Desert Island discs. But the sun shone, and I had the doors wide open from the conservatory.

After the boys got back from archery we took a walk to the allotment to see the strimming Jon and Henry did yesterday. There we met Paul and Jon who have the lovely, fully functioning allotment next to us. We had a long chat. They have had theirs for 5 years. We hope to meet those with the plot next to us in due course, who have been working on theirs for 2 years. The stages we will be going through over the next few years to get ours looking like that, will take a lot of hard work, but while we feel positive it still feels do-able!

Lots of weeding, a dinner and now catching up with last week's Durrells and Granchester. Dentist in the morning before work for a tooth that is causing me pain. I suppose at least my head is feeling a lot better.....

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