My Kitchen....

is minuscule, by modern standards. But that is fine by me, as I don't like cooking, or washing up, or putting shopping away. All jobs that have to be done in the kitchen.

This tiny portion of my kitchen, however, is my favourite bit, as it contains my favourite piece of furniture. My nanna's faithful old cooks cabinet, still in daily use. Tonight I made some cupcakes, ready for our coffee break tomorrow. Yesterday Jon fancied a cake, but we don't have cake in the house. It is the weekend now, so we can relax. There is also a cup cake sale for charity on Thursday at work, so I was practising my baking skills, as it isn't my forte. I will add the topping to the cupcakes tomorrow, and the verdict will be spoken by the family when they taste them! I think they are rocky road, nut and chocolate. They certainly smell nice!

Regular day at work, WITHOUT a headache. It has been an odd headache week, but feeling ok now. I was VERY pleased to finish my day hitting the goal I had set myself at the beginning of the week (and last week, and the week before etc) finally.

Home at 5.15, had tea, courtesy of Jon then went out to Morrisons with Moll. haven't seen a lot of her this week, but luckily she is off all weekend, so we can spend some time together. Home, shopping away, then the cakes. That's it. Another week over.

Pretty pleased with the result of the election. Arrogance doesn't pay.

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