Mystery Solved

On Friday I noted that a large clearing had been cut through the little wood that we regularly walk through. Today when we walked through the contractors were still there felling trees and shredding branches.

I stopped to talk to them and the reason for the clearing is that they are rebuilding an overhead power line. The old metal towers are condemned and are being replaced with wooden poles and metal cross bars. In this area they are re-routing it slightly to remove a 'dog leg' bend - see extra, which also shows the state of the metal tower. The clearing needs to be a minimum of twelve metres wide to prevent arcing - they have cut it a bit wider than this o allow for bending trees!

As we emerged from the wood we could see teams of engineers working on the old towers in the middle of the fields - main blip.

Relieved it is not for a road!

Feeling very tired today as I stayed up to watch the Canadian Grand Prix after Mrs madwill went to bed on Sunday night - so it was past one a.m. before I went to bed - and then woke at four a.m. Hmmm...out for our first walk at five a.m.

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