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By walkingMarj

Our lovely Bowlby

She was sleeping on top of my desk, on top of all sorts of papers and bits and pieces that are currently residing there. When I produced the camera, she sat up and looked out of the window, so there was good light on her eyes. She never cooperates with the photographer, so this was quite an event!

Thank you for all your good wishes in recent days. The awful pain of yesterday has dulled and I'm coping with painkillers. I felt much better this morning so I had a shower and breakfast - then needed to go back to bed. "Weak as a kitten" is the saying, although the kittens I have known have been anything but weak!

I've swallowed more antibiotics and painkillers, watched Inspector Borowski  on All 4 and slept.  The deadline for editing the photos from Stepping Stones gets nearer and I'll just do the best I can.

Mum decided she was able to walk to the village shop for a few things we needed. She was helped by various people who carried and delivered things for her.

Thank goodness for cats when you need an easy blip.

This all seems a million miles from the terrible tragedy in London. Words fail me.

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