Spent the day at home today.  Weather was lovely again. Sat outside in the sun for quite some time.   I decided to have a rummage around in the garage and try and sort out some stuff to throw out.  Well that was easy.  There is a lot of stuff in there which is not needed.  So I have made a start.  It was nice and cool in the garage so it was nice to spend time in there in between sun bathing sessions.

As its Fathers Day today I decided to blip a photo of my Dad Ernie.  He passed away in 1995 and is still missed.  Especially when I have an odd job that needs doing as it was always my  Dad I called upon to help. I have added some flowers to the shot.  My Dad loved gardening - not so much flowers although he did have a lot of roses.  He was more into growing vegetables - especially potatoes, sprouts and leeks.  The best leeks were always entered into the leek show held at his work every year.

Steps today 6.057

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