'The Office'

David Brent has nothing on us. If they had rigged up a gutter on the inside of a window, to catch the leaking water and channel it down a tube that is poked out of the window, the viewing public would suggest they had gone over the top with such a far fetched idea! Not so. That is what we have in just one part of our top floor office building, as an interim measure to allow Heather to sit at her desk and work without her or her computer being dripped on, as has been the case for the last few months in any heavy rain. There have been several pairs of men viewing, measuring, umming and ahhring over the dilemma. Heather in the meantime has patiently hotdesked, until yesterday. That was the day our gutter was fitted.

Today in Norwich conveniently we had torrential rain. With great excitement we sat, stood, hovered, hoping to be the first to spot water running down the transparent tube. There was an audible whoop of delight when the first trickle was spotted, and as the rain continued, it flowed quite steadily. Then shock horror, a drip! Then another, and another. A leak in the gutter and water again was dropping on poor Heather. Back to the drawing board for the landlord of our office block I think!

In other news, we saw Henry's teachers tonight. All, without exception said how lovely he is to teach, and that he has the potential to get lots of GCSE s and at good grades. Really good grades in some if he puts his mind to it. So the next year, starting now, is the most important of his schooling so far.

Home quite late and not done much. Now off to bed as I've had lots of late nights.

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